Should I Let My Teen Drive My Car?


Once your teenager has gained their driver’s permit, they may be eager to build their skills and gain confidence on the road. One of the ways that they can do this is to drive their parent’s car, especially if they are currently in the process of saving up for a vehicle of their own. Understandably, you may have a number of reservations about this, which might need to be addressed prior to making a decision.

Are they insured?

Many states require a minimum of liability coverage on a vehicle before it is permitted on roads and highways. You could take out cover on your teen’s behalf, or instead, make them pay for insurance as part of the conditions for borrowing your vehicle. There are different types of insurance that you may want to think about. Liability insurance will cover damage to other vehicles as a result of your teen’s driving, as well as any medical bills that occur. Comprehensive insurance will still cover other people, but also covers your teen, your car, and any passengers. When your teenager is likely to only be using the car for short, infrequent journeys, you may find that pay-per-mile liability coverage is significantly cheaper than other alternatives.

Are they responsible?

Reaching the age required to drive a car doesn’t mean that you need to hand over your keys. There may be a number of reservations that you have regarding how responsible your teenager is. This could be seen in how well they listen to instruction, the frequency of arguments or outbursts, or even if they follow any rules at home or at school. If there are clear signs that your child is less than responsible, you might want to think twice about letting them drive your car. Not only could they potentially cause damage, but they may also take any irresponsible behaviours out onto the road. This can easily lead to accidents and even loss of life. You might want to discuss your concerns with your teen, as well as stipulate the changes you wish to see before they can drive your vehicle.

Do they lack confidence?

Your teenager might be nervous about getting a car of their own and driving on public highways. Due to this, one of the reasons that your teen might want to drive your car, even with you present, could be as a way of raising their confidence and experience. This could actually be wise, allowing them to practice driving on roads, and even carrying out manoeuvres, with you to support and guide them. This way, they may be able to drive safely in the future without the need for you to accompany them. This might also give you more peace of mind, having seen them drive first-hand.

Considering allowing your teenager to use your car can be quite difficult. There may be a number of factors that you need to take into account. However, in doing so, you may be able to help them become a better driver.