Getting a Head Start on Shopping with Spring Clothing Sales


Spring is finally here! Well, at least the calendar and the groundhog thinks that Spring is here. We have snow on the ground, cold temperatures and it’s getting a little hard to celebrate Spring. Nonetheless, Spring will be here in no time and it’s time to start find the Spring clothing sales!

The kid’s are always taken care of, thanks to the “End of Summer” sales at our local children’s clothing stores. It’s mommy’s wardrobe that seems to always suffer.

In April, Andrew and I will be visiting Destin, Florida on a blogging trip, then in May our whole family will be visiting San Diego, California. We have a lot of traveling lined up, which means my wardrobe needs a little pick me up.

Since having kids, it’s been hard to justify spending money on nice clothes for me. I guess you can say it’s a motherly instinct to provide for the children first, but what happens when the children are taken care of and nothing is left over for mommy.

That’s usually the case.

Since there are so many events coming up, I will need some nice outfits for business and pleasure. It’s time to check out some outlet clothing shops like I definitely need to save some money but be fashionable at the same time.

What staples should I start with for a spring time wardrobe?

I’m thinking a Maxi Dress, swim suit, sandals, nice outfit for outings. Spring time in the Midwest doesn’t last very long, meaning Summer will be here before we know it. This has to be taken into consideration during my shopping. Maybe this is why it’s so hard to shop for new clothes? Weather changes so quickly around here, I never know what to buy that will last me more than a few weeks.

Are you looking through the Spring clothing sales? What are some of your “go to” items?


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