Sensory Bin with Shaving Cream Project


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I find myself trying to find new and daring ways to entertain B these days. I know our precious “one on one” time is going to be limited very soon. I found this great little blog with a fun shaving activity while cruising on Pinterest and of course my inner child wanted in on the action!

Now, I sort of changed things to fit our situation. I found some super cheap shaving cream at the dollar store (for sensitive skin, just in case) and I thought maybe keeping it simple would be best for our first time.

happy baby

I started out by laying down an old table cloth and a plastic storage bin. I usually spread out this table cloth when we do finger painting so B was excited to see it. I put a little shaving cream in a dish with dividers, added some food coloring and B was very intrigued. I set it on the floor and gave him a spoon to see what he’d do. He pushed the colored cream around a little bit and then looked on as I put a whole lot of shaving cream in the plastic bin. He squealed with delight and  lifted his leg to get in the bin! I told him to hold off a minute as I wanted him to have the chance to squeeze it in his little hands or mix up the colors.

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He took the spoon and painted with the colored cream in the bin and it was so pretty!
I then let him get in the bin and he couldn’t stop playing, laughing, and squealing with delight. He had almost an hour of fun before he tried to stand up and slip a bit.

The pictures and pure fun we both had was well worth the bit of mess and a bath.

messy baby


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