Science Project Examples Inspired by Netflix TV Shows


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Science project season is in full swing and many are looking for fun and easy science project examples that they can do with their kids.

Netflix is often my source of inspiration when it comes to science experiments with the kids.

Have you seen the show Mythbusters? They take urban myths, run their own mock experiments in attempts to debunk and ultimately put Myths to the test. While some of the shows are really extreme, using explosions.. they attract kids and adults of all ages to try their hand at home to bust some of their favorite myths.

My kids and I have been watching Mythbusters during Spring Break, my favorite is the experiment of the Mentos candy and Diet Coke Myth. Will dropping a Mentos candy into a bottle of Diet Coke cause an upwards explosion?

Check out the show on Netflix and see for yourself! It’s a great episode..

Mythbusters Netflix TV Show #NetflixKids

Here are some of the fun and easy experiments that Mythbusters has invited you to do at home:

  • Do you get wetter walking or running through the rain?
  • Can you make a speaker out of a paper plate, alligator clips, a penny and a household amplifier?
  • Is it possible to fold a piece of paper in half more than seven times?

If your child has you busy with finding siome science project examples, Netflix has a variety of TV shows that will help get the entire family excited about winning a science fair idea.

Here are a few titles to inspire blue ribbon-worthy projects and encourage curiosity and problem-solving.

How Stuff Works - Netflix TV Show #NetflixKidsHow Do They Do It? - Netflix TV Shows #NetflixKidsIs It Possible? - Netflix TV Shows #NetflixKids
Build It Bigger - Netflix TV Shows #NetflixKidsHow The Universe Work - Netflix TV Shows #NetflixKidsMythbusters - Netflix TV Shows #NetflixKids 
  1. How Stuff Works
  2. How Do They Do it
  3. Is It Possible?
  4. Build It Bigger
  5. How the Universe Works
  6. Extreme Engineering
  7. Mythbusters

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