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So many people are going back to school, me included! Well, I’m not back yet but I’ve been looking into my options for online classes. One of the biggest complaints that I’ve had about college and continuation courses is the cost of text books.

Have you ever thought about renting your course text books? When I was in college this was never an option, my only option was to spend $100’s of dollars in books that I would use for a semester and never again.

Did you know that renting a book from Campus Book Rentals could save you 40-90% off of the bookstore cost?

Check out this book..


Including Students with Special Needs: A Practical Guide for Classroom Teachers

List price for this book is $129.33

At Campus Book Rentals you have flexible renting periods which allow you to rent this book for:

$32.05 for a Semester
$29.17 for a Quarter
$27.88 for the Summer

So not only do you get “Deal Prices” and flexible renting options, the text books that you rent have free shipping (both ways) and come with the ability to highlight in them if needed.

Here is how it works




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