6 Robin Williams Classics Now Available on Netflix


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It’s no doubt that Robin Williams has touched the lives of millions. Since his passing nearly two weeks ago, friends of Robin Williams have been honoring and reminiscing about his life, his hilarity and the presence that he had. 

Many of my own friends have been paying respect to the beloved actor as well, my Facebook feed has been filled with status updates showing films that people are watching. Robin Williams was a genius. I grew up watching him for the first time on Mork and Mindy so it was funny to see everyone saying Na-Nu Na-Nu along with the Mr. Spock hand salute. Memories came flooding back to me from these times.

I’ve been reminiscing about Robin Williams myself, looking up his older films and revisiting many of them on Netflix. Since his passing, many of his films have made it to the Top Movies lists and a selection of them are available for streaming on Netflix. 

Here are some of the great Robin Williams movies that are available for streaming on Netflix right now:

Hook” (1991)

6 Robin Williams Classics Now Available on Netflix

“”Hook” is a film of magic and wonder that will leave you with a feeling of joy in everyday living. Peter Pan has forgotten about Never Never Land until he is visiting London and his children are kidnapped by the nasty pirate, Captain Hook. It would be impossible to imagine anyone else who could pull off the roll of Peter Pan as brilliantly as Robin Williams…Dustin Hoffman is great as the evil Hook. With a cast of so many children, this had to be a difficult “shoot” for Stephen Spielberg but the story comes off flawlessly. With lavish settings, sets, costumes and action sequences, this film is a real winner. Maggie Smith is only on screen a few times, but her presence lights up those moments. For all children and those who are young at heart, a must see.” 

Jumanji” (1995)

6 Robin Williams Classics Now Available on Netflix

“Wonderful movie, with a unique and as far as I know original plot. The film is action packed and quite literally had me at the edge of my seat several times! Robin Williams was great in this movie and in my opinion was one of his most entertaining performances. He was able to find a great balance of comedy and drama in this film, which made for an enjoyable 2hrs watching a legend at work. RIP Robin Williams! Your work lives on!”


World’s Greatest Dad” (2009)

6 Robin Williams Classics Now Available on Netflix

This had to be one of the most weird-yet-brilliant/profound last films that Robin Williams starred in. A really interesting comedy/drama. Worth it.I would even suggest parents showing it to their teen kids… Let me rephrase that… I would suggest that parents FORCE their teen kids to watch this. Youth today could use a bit more wisdom so that they don’t continue hurting people, beyond their parents’ knowledge.”

The Big Wedding” (2013)

6 Robin Williams Classics Now Available on Netflix

Divorcees are forced to pretend they are married in a weak attempt to appease their family and friends who have gathered to celebrate their son’s wedding. Rather than simply play the role, they go overboard… which produces a hilarious result you will not want to miss. De Niro and Keaton deliver amasterful performance as the main characters, and the acting is superb all around with an all star studded cast which includes a well assembled potpourri of different styles, including Heigl, Sarandon and Robin Williams. This movie is a must see for the whole family which you will not want to miss! Five stars!!”

Get Bruce!” (1999)

6 Robin Williams Classics Now Available on Netflix

 “An entertaining doc that enlightens viewers on both the comedic and the business side of comedic show business. Don’t watch this to get insight into the tortured soul of Bruce Vilanch. Do watch this to learn about the comedic process and the man who is Bruce Vilanch. A man who was once only known behind the scenes and whose talent has propelled him to the attention of the nation, Get Bruce will capture your attention and reward you for the time you spend. The testimonials by some of the best-known comedians in America presented here, as well as the genuine interaction, both impress and entertain. Anyone who is a fan of comedy itself simply has no choice but to watch this (don’t be the last on the block). For everyone else, this is a sleeper that is fun and will make you laugh. Rent it.”

The Fisher King” (1991)

6 Robin Williams Classics Now Available on Netflix
This is Gilliam’s straightest film to date and still it’s phantasmagorical! Chock full of humorous highs and tragical lows this is a rollercoaster for the emotions so be prepared to wipe tears of joy and sorrow from your eyes. The film contains two of the most romantic visuals on film, look for the Grand Central Station waltz and a stunning end to the Chinese Restaurant scene. Give The Fisher King a shot, you’ll be glad you did!”

*All quotes came from the Netflix website


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