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Our children’s bathroom, which also serves as the guest bathroom, has been on our bucket list of areas to update in the house. We wanted to do a children’s bathroom makeover that would not only be fun for the kids, but also be welcoming for guests who visit us.

The original bathroom was a very light tan color, horrible lighting, un matching shower curtain and really just a cluttered mess.

children's bathroomSince our bathroom was small enough to walk in, turn around, do your business, turn around and walk out, I had no idea what to do with our space. The experts were better at this than me so I teamed up with Delta and Olympic Paint for their assistance in creating our perfect bathroom.

olympic paint

We went with Olympic ONE Interior Paint due to it’s mildew resistant properties, no one wants a brand new paint job ruined by the steam created in the bathroom!

Some other benefits of using Olympic ONE Interior Paint:

  • Paint and Primer in ONE!
  • Extreme hiding power
  • Scrubbable and durable
  • Easy application
  • Low VOC
  • Smooth Finish
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal

Olympic ONE interior paint is an exclusive brand to Lowes, so we trotted our way up there to select the colors we needed. All of the colors to choose from were so bright, vibrant and rich in color. Luckily, we already had some colors in mind or we would have spent all day trying to choose from the massive collection!

childrens bathroom

We choose two different colors for our walls. Since our bathroom was very small, there was a concern of using one rich color on all 4 walls, as this could give a feeling of being enclosed.

The two colors that we went with were Guacamole for the green and Azalea Leaf for the blue. I am SO in love with the Azalea Leaf blue. My husband did the application and made a comment about how easy the paint spread across the walls, we found that a little paint went a long way

childrens bathroom

I tried so hard to take a lot of pictures for you all, but sometimes having a small bathroom can make for some problems in the picture taking department.

On one of the longer walls we hung up some letters to spell “Wash Your Hands”, these were plain letters that I found at Michaels and then painted using the same paint that we used on the walls.

Since we were going for “Kid Friendly”, we went with a standard coat rack instead of towel rack. Our children have no concept of folding a towel over a bar, but hanging a towel up on a hook was very easy to master.

childrens bathroom

We replaced the lighting with a Portfolio 4-Light Lyndsay Brushed Nickel Bathroom Vanity Light, also found at Lowes. After hanging the light, we then noticed it was hanging over the mirror a little bit. While the overhang doesn’t bother my husband, I’m gathering Pinterest ideas on how to change out the mirror to possibly something smaller and framed.

I will keep you updated on that.

childrens bathroom

To tie the whole bathroom together, we selected accessories from Target in an Aqua color. Aqua towels, cups, rugs, candles, paint in the wall letters and the color even tied into the shower curtain.

My favorite addition to the sink is our Delta Lahara Single Handle Lavatory Faucet.

delt sink faucet

We received the Delta Lahara faucet in the stainless steel finish, this fit in wonderfully with the lighting fixture and other brushed nickel additions in our bathroom.

The Delta Lahara Single Handle Lavatory Faucet features the Touch2O technology and Touch20.xt Technology. This technology allows you to use the faucet with the handle, or when leaving the handle in the up position you can turn the faucet on and off either by putting your hands under the faucet or by touching the faucet.

Our goal with this bathroom makeover was to make it as kid friendly as possible, all while making it welcoming for our guests. The technology of this faucet has been amazing as it helps my kids wash their hands more often and it looks so sleek and beautiful in our bathroom!

The installation of the Delta faucet was done by a professional plumber, we didn’t feel comfortable to try it ourselves with this new technology. Our plumber said this was a first for him and he was really impressed with it overall. We had a few hiccups in the beginning, while trying to learn things, but everything has been working great and I’m loving the look.

Now it’s time to tackle another room!

childrens bathroom

If you like any of my ideas above, please feel free to Pin them on Pinterest!

I’m excited to hear your thoughts on our Children’s bathroom makeover.. please leave a comment!

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*Thank you to Delta Faucets and Olympic Paint for providing product for our bathroom make over! All thoughts are my own and not of Delta or Olympic Paint.


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