Reorganizing and De-cluttering the Childrens Playroom


childs playroom

I love Christmas.

The gathering of family, the decorating of the house, and the smells that all come with the Christmas holiday.

When Thanksgiving is upon us, I begin to get a little OCD about the toys in our house. Andrew’s birthday is at the end of November so not only do we acquire new toys from Christmas (X’s 2 children), they come from his birthday as well.

This morning I walked down into our children’s playroom to be greeted with this. I panicked and had that over whelming urge to do some reorganizing, downsize, and get things in order before the Christmas decorations come out. Sort of the same feeling you get during the nesting stage of pregnancy, but this feeling doesn’t end there.


Sitting down to this mess, I knew we would need some serious trash bags to get through this. We gathered a few totes to store away the toys that need to be rotated, put aside all of the dvd’s and cd’s that could be donated to musicMagpie and grabbed two Glad Black Bags (one for toy donations and the other for broken/missing toys that needed to be trashed).

Have you tried tossing toys into a trash bag before? They are full of pointy corners, bulky sizes, and always seem to tear through the bags. When we clean up messes like the one we had today, Glad ForceFlex Black Bags always come in handy. They don’t tear and we can stuff them to the stop without worrying about a mess falling out.

bag of trash

People have been telling us for years that we had way too many toys. It wasn’t until today when I realized how true it was! I’m a bit of a toy hoarder and held onto all of Andrew’s toys, his little sister is 3 years behind him and of course she would want to play with them too! Next thing you know birthdays come, Christmas comes, and all of the toys in between, then my house looks like the toy store threw up in my living room.


So I think for one of my New Years resolutions, keeping the toy clutter minimal and under control is going to be my goal. Hoping I can do it!

online facebook game

Tori Spelling is the host of OMG Extra and she is giving an inside look at America’s messiest families. Right now there is a feature with a After the Wild Life game that is pretty fun! Go from house to house and find the trash and beat your record time in doing it. “Like” Glad on Facebook and checkout the Missing in the Mess game!

How do you handle big messes like the one I had today?

Stay tuned for more updates that we have planned for the toy room in our Home Makeover series!


I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Glad. I received products to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.


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