Relax and Engage Your Mind with Online Games at iPlay


I don’t know about the rest of you but sometimes I just need a break from it all.  When life gets hectic or when I have some free time I love to relax by playing games.  I-play is a great site where you can play games online or you can download games for free easily.  Games aren’t just for kids!  They have everything from puzzle games to farming games to games based around great shows and movies. 

I love decorating so one of my favorite games is Gardenscapes – Mansion Makeover, a hidden objects game where you get to redecorate everything from the carpet to the fireplace.  You even have a butler to help you! This game definitely keeps me busy, there are thousands of objects to be found and many different levels.

gardenscapesmansionmakeover320x240 gardenscapesmansionmakeover2

Another great thing about I-play is their GameSaver program.  If you enroll you get discounts, exclusives, and free games.  It is definitely worth it! 
Next time you get a free moment you should check out the site, whether you’re into card games or full blown mysteries, I’m sure they definitely have a game for you. 

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