Do You Recycle Bathroom Products? Start Now with This Scavenger Hunt!



Recycling is easy, once you make a conscious decision to do it. You simply designate a recycle bin, and separate your cans, plastics, papers and other recyclable items. You keep your recycle bin in an area that’s easily accessed by everyone in the house, like the kitchen probably. That’s where most of our recyclable items come from at least. Seems simple enough.

But what happens behind closed doors?

You’re probably wondering what exactly I mean by “closed doors”.  Well, I’m digging deeper than the kitchen recyclables, into an area that often gets overlooked when we’re thinking green. I’m talking about the bathroom.

Many people forget to recycle in the bathroom, which is, coincidentally, the place where most personal care products are used. When Johnson & Johnson realized this problem last October, they decided to do something about it!  This brought about the launch of Care To Recycle. Care To Recycle® aims to raise awareness of recycling in the bathroom through engaging, educational content such as statistics, DIY projects, and True/False posts


Not quite sure what exactly you should be recycling? Not to worry! Care to Recycle has you covered with that info and more!  In celebration of Care To Recycle’s 1-Year Anniversary, they are hosting a scavenger hunt with Recyclebank! 

Helpful information such as where to recycle, what to recycle, and how to recycle can all be found on the Care To Recycle® page: Be sure to check out this helpful information during the scavenger hunt.

How to play:

Search and for hunt hints, through November 6. Use the Hunt Hints posts to find corresponding answer posts on Answer posts will be marked with the 1-Year Anniversary badge in the upper left-hand corner that looks like a candle. Be sure to scroll through the page to locate these posts. Once found, click the “Earn Points” button to claim Recyclebank points.


Once you find a hunt hint, you’ll need to look through the page to find the post with the corresponding answer. Once the answer is found, you can claim 10 Recyclebank points. Recyclebank points can be used for rewards like gift cards, electronics, eco-friendly gifts, and other household products. There are a total of 5 hunt hints posted, so you can win up to 50 Recyclebank points!

Go to to participate in the scavenger hunt now through November 6.


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