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Nature's Sleep Pet Bed

My dog’s name is Roxy and before our children were born she was spoiled to no end. There was a dog bed in every room, baskets of toys everywhere and she was treated like the baby.

Now that we have two kids she still has a dog bed but I will say that they are not as nice as they were when she was a pup.

Roxy began to tell us that her dog bed was not cutting it with her subliminal ways, she would smoosh her face into our couch pillows, wait for one to fall to the ground and prefer to sleep on top of a couch pillow instead of her own bed.

We decided that it was time to upgrade Roxy’s dog bed, she deserves a bed just as comfortable as ours when she sleeps all the time.

Could you imagine sleeping half the day, every day, on a cold hard floor?

So our choice of Dog bed was the Pet Bed with Memory Foam from Nature’s Sleep.

Here are a few of the great features that swayed us to this bed:

  • 2” memory foam base to provide maximum comfort
  • high loft comfort layer to provide insulation and a nesting environment
  • waterproof liner that is both removable & washable
  • available in 3 colors

We have had the Pet Bed with Memory Foam for a couple of weeks now and have had a chance to watch Roxy’s behavior with it.

Nature's Sleep Pet Bed

Upon arrival the bed was sort of flat and the insulated layer was a bit clumpy. I had wondered if we received a defective bed. After a few days we noticed that Roxy had taken the insulated layer and kind of moved it around herself, the bed became fluffy and more full looking.

When the pet bed arrives at your door it is vacuum packed to cut down on shipping costs. My guess is between the exposure of air and the nesting actions of my dog it helped to fluff the bed up naturally. Each day the pet bed fluffed up more and more.

Nature's Sleep Pet Bed

Both of my children have taken a liking to Roxy’s new bed. I’ve caught Andrea curled up on it with her little laptop toy and Andrew is often caught sitting on it with Roxy while playing games.

 Here are my thoughts

The Pet Bed with Memory Foam from Nature’s Sleep comes with a base price tag of $95.00. Depending on the size that you need, the price can range up to $195. My first thoughts were that I would never spend that much on a dog bed, however if I add up the money wasted on previous dog beds it would quickly surpass this bed.

The past dog beds that we have owned were not easy to wash, they would quickly become flat and in no time at all they would become a thing in the past for Roxy.

Roxy is a middle aged dog and the memory foam/insulated layers will help provide support and relieve discomfort in her joints as she gets older. She really really likes her bed and I personally love the ease of being able to wash it. The inside layers are contained in their own cover so you can quickly remove the outer cover to wash and dry it.


I can see the Pet Bed with Memory Foam lasting a long time. It is well made, fashionable enough to be in the living room and holds up really well in the wash. We love it!


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