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Last week I told you a little bit about the company SociallyKnow and the tools that they provide parents to protect their teens from potentially dangerous events that could happen on Facebook.

I signed up for a free 30 day trial of SociallyKnow to see how it all worked.

Did you know that Facebook will allow your children to post photos, status updates and even have private chats without you ever even knowing? The privacy settings in Facebook will now allow you to exclude anyone you want from your friends list and prevent them from seeing anything you don’t want them to see.

While I don’t believe in spying on my children and have no intentions on doing that, I do worry about things that happen on Facebook that could have a potentially harmful outcome.

SociallyKnow will help you with knowing what you need to know, this isn’t a way to spy on your children, this is a way to stay notified when a potential situation may need to be addressed.

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After setting up your profile and connecting the Facebook account that you would like to monitor, SociallyKnow will allow you to customize the notifications that you would like to receive.

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Once you set up your notifications and create your “friends watch list”, SociallyKnow will notify you via email or text every time your child:

– Adds a new friend
– Uploads a new photo or is tagged in a photo
– “Checks in” at a location with their cell phone
– Is contacted by someone who is not a friend
– Receives messages that are sexually oriented, bullying or suicidal


So you are probably thinking that you have nothing to worry about, you have a good kid and nothing bad will happen.

Did you know that nearly half of teens say that their parents know very little or nothing at all about their online activity?

Think about this…

  • 71% of teen girls and 67% of teen boys have shared a sexual message or picture with a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • 32% of teenagers say they have been the target of cyber bullying.
  • 34% of 8 to 18 year olds have at least one Facebook friend they’ve never met
  • 46% of the 8 to 18 year olds have provided personal information to someone online.
  • 71% say they have received messages from someone they don’t know.
  • 40% say they will usually reply and chat with that stranger.
  • 30% have considered meeting someone they’ve only talked to online…and 14% have actually met face-to-face.
  • 4 out of 5 teenagers sleep with their cell phones under their pillow to catch late night texts and Facebook posts.

SociallyKnow is a great way to keep your children safe without invading their privacy. Facebook isn’t as friendly and safe as many children think it is and I hope that products like SociallyKnow are around when my two little ones are ready to dive into the Cyber world.

Sign up for SociallyKnow’s free 30 day trial and sleep better knowing that you know.

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