Premier Protein $6.00 Off Sale at Costco!


What are some of the things that you must always have a stockpile of?

For me, it’s things like paper goods, cleaning supplies.. but most importantly, healthy food and health products.

I’m two years into my fitness journey and after losing 80 pounds, I’ve learned that there are two things that are a big key to my success. 1. Planning in advance, not trying to wing it and 2. Being prepared with the essentials of a healthy diet.

Premier Protein $6.00 Off Sale at Costco!This past weekend was tax-free weekend here in Kansas City, and while I hate to get out into the crowds, I had to get into Costco to stock up on up a few things. One of those things being Premier Protein.

Premier Protein is one product that I always have on hand, both shakes and bars. The shakes are packed with 30g of healthy protein and only contain 160 calories and 1g of sugar. The taste? Amazing. Seriously, one of the best pre-made protein shake options that I’ve tried.

I’m an avid MyFitnessPal planner, going on a 555 day logging streak! And while I plan my days, things always come up and it might mean that lunch doesn’t get made. Having Premier Protein shakes stocked in my fridge is a savior and when crazy times happen, it’s easy to grab one as a meal and run.

Premier Protein $6.00 Off Sale at Costco!

So my trip to Costco…. Imagine this for a minute. Other moms were piling their carts with shoes and clothes, me? I was grabbing at the sale for Strawberries and Cream protein shakes. LOL! 

But, seriously. If you have purchased protein supplements before, then you know that when they go on sale it’s time to stock up.

Now, until August 23rd, you can grab an 18 pack of Premier Protein shakes for $6.00 off! And not just Strawberries and Cream, there are several delicious Premier Protein flavors to chose from.

Premier Protein $6.00 Off Sale at Costco!

If you are looking for ways to increase your protein in the day, or needing some options for when you are on the run, be sure to grab some of the Premier Protein shakes at Costco! With a $6.00 off instant rebate, this is a great opportunity to stock pile.

For more information about Premier Protein, visit 

Disclosure : I received a Costco gift card from Premier Protein for purpose of this post. All thoughts are always my own.


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