Predictions for 2015 – Fad/Diets, Fashion and Travel


When you want to know something, where’s one of the first places you can turn? Bing, of course. Microsoft’s search engine puts the answers to millions of questions and more right at your fingertips! That’s why it isn’t shocking to learn that they have actually put together some pretty interesting  predictions as to what life will be like in the new year!

These predictions range from everything to the hottest tech, to the Grammy’s and Super Bowl rings!

Predictions for 2015 - Fad/Diets, Fashion and Travel

Predictions for 2015 in some of my favorite categories:


According to Bing’s prediction, the Mediterranean diet will be all the rave in the year 2015! There is a growing interest in Middle Eastern food, and people absolutely love the flavor packed ethnic dishes! Foods like Falafel, Baklava, and Hummus are all predicted to grow in popularity this year.


The face of travel will change a lot in the year 2015, as predicted by Bing! No longer will a vacation have to mean a tropical destination, or trip to a big city. In fact, small towns will take precedence over metropolitan meccas when it comes time for people to plan their vacations. Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg Tennessee, Branson Missouri and Savannah, Georgia are all predicted to be among the top travel destinations in the year 2015!


This year fitness bands made a huge impact on the fitness and fashion scene. These aren’t predicted to go anywhere in the year 2015! In fact, Bing sees this current fad expanding, and predicts we’ll be seeing them just about everywhere in 2015! They are predicted to be the “must have” fashion accessory of the year, and Bing is expecting that many top designers like Michael Kors will begin creating wearable designs in the field!

If you, like me, are interested in learning and following the predicted trends of the New Year, check them out at and learn more on the Bing Blog!

*Disclosure – I participated in the Microsoft Office 365 campaign on behalf of One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.


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