Powerlifting Women – How Weightlifting Made Me A Better Mom


Are you considering the possibility of becoming a powerlifter? With each workout, from the first day, it’s making you a better mom and here’s how.

Almost a year ago, I started into the world of powerlifting. It started on a whim really.

Here’s how it happened…

One day I looked my trainer, told her that I wanted to move into bigger things, wanted to lose body fat and frankly just wanted to be stronger. Her words were “You need to go lift heavy shit”. So I took her words and went to go lift heavy shit.

Powerlifting Women - How Weightlifting Made Me A Better Mom

I’ve always wanted to learn how to deadlift, but the thought of picking large amounts of weight up off the floor scared me. So I never did it.

The thought of squatting with 45’s on my bar scared me, so I never did it.

Bench pressing? Hahaha

Powerlifting Women - How Weightlifting Made Me A Better Mom

But those dreams kept dwelling inside of me and I knew that the only way for them to happen was to get a coach and learn how to do it, and do it right.

So that’s what I did. I contacted my current trainer, Makayla Loden, to help me reach my goals.

Queue me now, 9 months later, and I’m officially signing up for my first powerlifting competition. Cornhusker State Games here I come!

Powerlifting Women - How Weightlifting Made Me A Better Mom

So how has powerlifting made me a better mom? 

  • Achieving your dreams.. I’ve always expressed my dreams to my children and now they are watching them happen. I’m teaching them that no matter your age, what other people say, you can make your dreams happen. Set goals and make them happen.
  • Patience.. Taking the time for me has given me three time the amount of patience to deal with my children. As most moms, we put everyone before us and our dreams, passions and hobbies get put on the back burner. I go into the gym with a fire to become better for myself, leave the gym after a heavy lifting session feeling amazing and ready to be a mom. 
  • Empowerment. Lifting something that you once thought was impossible, is so empowering and liberating. If I can throw around a 245lb. deadlift bar, I can tackle anything else that comes my way.
  • Endurance.. Powerlifting leads over to functional fitness in my every day life. I can carry my 6 year old on a 2 mile walk when she hurts and can no longer walk. I can jump with them on the trampoline for hours and do all of the fun things they want me to do.
  • Prevention.. When I’m 60 years old, my plan is to still be powerlifting. I’m building strong bones, strong muscles, which will give me better protection and stability in my joints. By staying active, I’m avoiding injuries which will help me live a longer, healthier and happier life with my family.

Powerlifting Women - How Weightlifting Made Me A Better Mom

Today was Day 1 Week 1 of my competition training. Went into the gym with new goals, a fire lit inside and a feeling of accomplishment. My dreams are really happening.


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