Power Wheels Cars | Red Mustang | Fourth Birthday Celebration!


My oldest little monkey is getting ready to turn four years old, since his birthday lands over Thanksgiving weekend we decided to have a little family birthday celebration with him today…

Keep reading you will see why we chose today…

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

His request was for a Mickey Mouse Birthday cake, however we had a hard time making this happen. Andrew is my monkey with the peanut allergy and every cake we found in the grocery store bakery had labels indicating that they were manufactured in a plant with peanuts and tree nuts.

It was time to improvise!

I went through the frozen aisle and came across a frozen birthday cake by Pepperidge Farms, checked the label and no peanuts! WOOHOO

Trotted myself down the baking aisle of the grocery store and came across these cute little Wilton Mickey Mouse Icing Decorations. We decorated the cake up as we could with the little Mickey Mouse heads, I think it turned out cute!

Happy Kiddos Eating Cake

Andrew has a HUGE love for cars and every time we go into Toys R Us he will take us to the Power Wheels aisle so he can sit in the cars. The Power Wheels Ford Mustang was on his wish list, “It looks just like uncle Daniel’s car” he says…

Power Wheels Red Mustang

Andrew is our first born and our babies have us wrapped around their little fingers.

We got him “Uncle Daniel’s” car and since the weather turns down hill so quickly we decided to do our celebration today. How awful would it be to wait for the Birthday day and have to look at your Power Wheels sitting in the garage until Spring?

We had a great day and Andrew had a wonderful fourth birthday celebration… our thoughts on the Power Wheels Mustang? So worth the money! Easy to put together, perfect size for our four and one year old to ride together and it’s a blast to watch them drive around Smile



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