Potty Training Woes & The Big Kid Academy!


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If there’s one thing that having a second child has taught me, it’s that each child is different and hits milestones in their own unique time. Some of this may stem from my oldest being male, and my youngest a female; but I think most just comes from their individual personalities.

This is especially true with potty training!

Andrew was a breeze to potty train. We had a little bout for a few months where he didn’t want to #2 in the pot, but once that was over… it was all down hill from there! Nighttime accidents were never an issue.

Andrea, on the other hand, is a whole different ball game. Potty training has been much more challenging this time around. It seems like the process has just dragged on for ages! While she’s pretty much potty trained; we still have accidents at nights or when we’re in new places from time to time.

Potty Training Woes & The Big Kid Academy!

We recently enrolled her in the Pull-Ups Big Kids Academy. I believe this will give Andrea the extra nudge towards being fully potty trained, and will leave us being able to feel assured she’ll stay dry throughout the night, and in new situations. The Big Kids Academy site has several games and activities for Andrea, as well as tips and tricks on potty training for Dad and I.

Potty Training Woes & The Big Kid Academy!

My favorite thing about Pull-Ups Big Kids Academy is that it’s personalized to fit each child’s unique needs. It helps Andrea get excited about potty training, without making her feel like a “baby”. My biggest potty training tip is to be patient and to understand that every child learns and grows at their very own unique pace.

Potty Training Woes & The Big Kid Academy!

The Big Kids Academy reinforces that belief, while providing parents with tips you can use to help guide your child to potty training effortlessly and successfully.

Have a child that’s potty training, or gearing up for potty training? Be sure to enroll in this completely free program today!



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