Potty Training Tips: How To Teach Your Little Boy To Pee Standing Up


Potty training a boy is one of the most eventful things I have ever been through…

Cheerios In The Potty

My son is 3, almost 4, and he has been potty trained for about 3-4 months now.

Just recently we have experienced a few times where we were out and about, we heard those five little words “Mommy I have to pee”… of course there is no potty in sight and my mind is racing because I REALLY don’t want to clean up pee from a car seat.

My husband gave my son the opportunity to pee standing up, next to the car, of course you can imagine my son now has a fascination with peeing next to the car. When are we are out shopping I have heard him say “I need to pee on the car Mommy”. Lovely right?

Here is my problem, my son now loves to pee standing up but he has NO control! Can you imagine the result of this? …. Wet pants, wet underwear etc..

So here is the reason for the picture are you seeing.. colored cheerios! My son now loves to pee on cheerios.. but still has no control. So the peeing on cheerios is now being done while sitting down.

Here are some tips that were shared with me on how to teach your boy to pee standing up:

– Watch Daddy! All boys want to be like Daddy
– The biggest tip was Cheerios.. apparently boys love to pee on them?!
– Make sure nothing is there to make them laugh! When their head turns so does their aim
– Decorate toilet paper squares and let the boy toss them in the toilet for a target
– Let it come on their own time, just one day they will “know how” to pee standing up
– Have him sit on the toilet backwards
– Make sure they have a nice step stool to stand on, they need confidence!
– Have them stand on their step stool, lean forward with their hands on the tank

Little LoosterWell we have tried the cheerios and we have the step stool. Here in our house we use the Little Looster Step Stool.. have you seen these? They are awesome! The Little Looster wraps all the way around your toilet so your little one can have a larger area to stand, turn around and feel confident that they won’t fall.

I guess for now we will continue to sit down and only pee outside when standing up.. my walls will thank me Smile

Ahhh the joys of teaching a boy to potty!




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