Planning a Kids Birthday Party on a Budget


Birthday Decorations

This time of year can be hard for many families, mine included. It can be difficult to find the money to pay for Christmas presents, a tree, and food for the holiday dinner. Then a birthday comes up, in my case – two birthdays, and you want to find a way to give them the best birthday ever.

The smart thing would be to plan ahead and save up for your child’s birthday. Planning doesn’t always work though, things break, bills come in, and unexpected expenses often foil the plan to save up for your child’s birthday party. Unfortunately, I know how this feels all too well.

Small budgets and last minute planning doesn’t mean the birthday party can’t happen. With a few creative ideas, you can put together a birthday party that is both personal and budget friendly.

Tableware & Decorations

The DollarTree is my “go to” place for cheap party supplies. Everything is $1 and you can get it all from paper plates, cups, plastic ware, decor, and more. When you purchase these things from a party store you can easily walk out of the door paying $50+ dollars. At my daughters birthday party I was able to get plates, cups, plastic ware, napkins, party decor, for around $10. You can’t beat that!


Local events can cost a lot of money. Save your money and host the birthday party at your house or even some place like the Park.

Joint Birthdays

So your best friend’s child is having a birthday. Get together with your friends and family to form a joint birthday party! How much fun would it be for the kids to share a fun day together. Then you and your friends can split the cost for something like a bounce house rental!

Party Balloons

Balloons are not really needed, but for many parents –including me- it’s hard to have a birthday party without them! Often times I will purchase a pack of regular latex balloons to hang around the house. For a display of balloons, the DollarTree is perfect because you can pick up an assortment of Mylar balloons all for $1 a piece.

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper can cost a fortune, and when it’s shredded to pieces during the unwrapping process you can see your money going down the drain. You can definitely get creative here and choose to wrap presents with repurposed gift bags or newspapers. If neither of these are options, check out the DollarTree. $1 wrapping paper and gift bags!


To save money on food, it’s best to throw a birthday party in between meals. The kids come for cake and ice cream, right? Should you decide to feed your guests some snacks, don’t forget about the DollarTree!

I don’t like to stress over the cost of kids birthday party supplies, and there really isn’t a need to! When everything is $1 at the DollarTree, it’s easy to go in there and get the things I need without feeling like my whole paycheck is gone.

How do you save money on your kid’s birthday parties?

*Disclosure – This post was brought to you by the DollarTree


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