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The Best Peanut Free and Gluten Free Candy Corn


Peanut Free and Gluten Free Candy Corn is Real!

Anyone with a peanut allergy can tell you how hard it is to enjoy something as simple as holiday candy. Since my son was diagnosed with a peanut allergy in 2008, I’ve been searching year after year for a candy corn that was not contaminated with peanuts. This task hasn’t been easy. 

While my search has only occurred in our local stores, we have yet to find a brand of candy corn that was not made in a peanut handling facility.

Sure, my kids don’t need candy corn.. but candy corn is something I have fond memories of. I remember my mom coming home with a bag of candy corn and candy pumpkins every year, it’s just something that happened in the Fall. Candy corn is a Fall staple!

Peanut Free and Gluten Free Candy Corn is Real!

This year, I found a few Halloween recipes that my kids wanted to make and of course they called for the candy corn ingredient. So I went on a search and came across Jelly Belly!

Apparently in 2009, Jelly Belly produced it’s last peanut ingredient Jelly Belly and changed it’s plants to be gluten free, peanut free and dairy free. This includes their Jelly Belly confections, which handles the line of Jelly Belly Candy Corn.

Peanut Free and Gluten Free Candy Corn is Real!

Because Jelly Belly Candy Corn isn’t sold locally, I went to Amazon and found it. Ordered with Prime shipping and this gourmet bundle of sweetness showed up at our doorstep today.

At first taste, this isn’t your regular Brachs Candy Corn. This is even better! Each bite tastes like little drops of honey with the perfect amount of sweetness.

We will be making our Halloween treats soon, of course we will share those too!

If you are in the market for peanut free candy corn, check out the Jelly Belly website, Amazon and on Google. There are plenty of options online for ordering.

Jelly Belly Coupons & Offers

We are always excited when new peanut free options are available, I hope this helps someone else in their search for peanut free candy corn!


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  • Glad that your kids can enjoy candies like this without worrying about what might happen as a result of cross contamination. Thanks for the heads up, also about Jelly Belly being peanut and dairy free!
  • Hi! I am a preschool teacher in a nut free school. I saw a monster craft for Halloween and it had candy corns for teeth. I thought I would have the kids make it - and then let them eat a candy corn or two. FUN -- right? THEN I went shopping and I was so disappointed that all of them had been made on machinery that was exposed to nuts. Then I looked on the internet - and there was your post!!!! YAY! Thanks! Lots of kids will be happy because of you!!!
    • Jelly Belly is NOT nut safe. It is only PEANUT safe. If you go to their website FAQs and check, you will see. Sorry! I am bummed about it as well. My little guy has a sweet tooth (like me) and specifically requested candy corn.
    • Jelly Belly is NOT nut free. Only Peanut-free. Please read labels and be careful! :-( I gotta find out how to make candy corn at home!
  • Thank you so much! There are so many crafty fall food decorations we could never do because we couldnt find peanut free candy corn. Ordering these right now!
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