How to Make a Paper Wreath – Dahlia Inspired {Under $10 to Make!}


The weather is soaring into the 60’s this week and it is giving me the itch to get our house ready for Spring.

The first change in our house is with the mantel, it was decorated top to bottom for Valentine’s Day and screamed winter. Some of the changes that I will be making are; adding a new wreath, making a sign and decorating a few fun vases to fill with beautiful spring flowers.

My theme this year is yellow, grey and white. I love this combination and it’s definitely one that can take you from Spring into Summer.

How to make a paper wreath under $10!

We are on a budget for this project and I am planning to do this entire mantel makeover for under $50. First stop, the wreath! I decided on a paper wreath with inspiration of the Dahlia flower. From start to finish, this project was done for less than $10!

What you need:

  • Yellow, white and grey construction paper. You can use card stock or even scrapbooking paper, but our budget allowed for construction paper. This is the main cost of a paper dahlia wreath.
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Piece of Cardboard
  • Scissors or paper cutter. I recommend a paper cutter for this project as it will produce nice clean lines and it’s much quicker for the job
  • Compass

We had pizza for dinner so I became resourceful and cut off the top of the box to use for my wreath. Pizza boxes are great because they are sturdy and so easy to cut into. But any piece of cardboard will work for this.

Using a compass, draw a 10 inch diameter circle and cut it out. Then on the same piece of cardboard draw another circle with a 8 inch diameter.

Then take your yellow and white construction paper and cut them into 4 x 4 squares, on my wreath I used about 70 yellow, 30 white and about 11 grey. Your wreath might use more or a little less, depending on how tight you make your cones.

Cut the grey paper into 3 X 3 as this will be the center of your flower.

How to make a paper wreath under $10!

Take each paper and wrap it just like a cone, leaving it open on top and closed at the bottom. Using your hot glue gun, place a little glue under the seam so it stays closed.

To place it onto the cardboard, pinch the bottom of your cone flat and hot glue it onto the line that you drew on the cardboard. Leave about a finger width space in between each cone.

Then when you get to the second row, place the cones in between the spaces creating a layering effect.

Do this all the way until you get into the middle of your flower.

On my flower, I did two rows of white, 4 rows of yellow and filled the rest with the grey paper. Finish it off by hot gluing a ribbon to the back for hanging.

This project is really easy to do, even for someone who isn’t much of a crafter (ME!) It turned out so cute and will look perfect next to my sign that is in progress now.


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