Paper Christmas Wreath – Poinsettia Inspired Dahlia


Holiday decorating is under way and my house is feeling so festive! Earlier this year, in the Spring, I put together a tutorial for a paper dahlia wreath and it was such a hit. Not only did I receive a ton of emails from people showing their own wreaths they made, I received numerous compliments from all of our home visitors. It seemed crazy that something so easy and cheap to make was so elegant to display in our home.

When winter hit, it felt kind of sad taking our paper wreath down. Then it gave me an idea to create the same project but in Christmas form. How about a paper christmas wreath!

Since the poinsettia is such an iconic holiday plant, our new christmas paper wreath was turned into a poinsettia inspired dahlia.

Paper Christmas Wreath - Poinsettia Inspired Dahlia

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Paper Christmas Wreath

What you need:

  • Red and yellow construction paper. You can use cardstock or even scrapbooking paper, but our budget allowed for construction paper. 
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Gold glitter glue
  • Piece of Cardboard or you could even make a paper plate christmas wreath
  • Scissors or paper cutter. I recommend a paper cutter for this project as it will produce nice clean lines and it’s much quicker for the job
  • Compass

Paper Christmas Wreath - Poinsettia Inspired Dahlia

Using a compass, draw a 6 inch diameter circle and cut it out. Then on the same piece of cardboard draw another circle with a 4 inch diameter.

Then take your red construction paper and cut it into 4 x 4 squares. Cut the yellow paper into 3 X 3 as this will be the center of your flower. On my wreath I used about 80 red and 20 yellow. Your wreath might use more or a little less, depending on how tight you make your cones and how you space them.

Paper Christmas Wreath - Poinsettia Inspired Dahlia

Take each paper and wrap it just like a cone, leaving it open on top and closed at the bottom. Using your hot glue gun, place a little glue under the seam so it stays closed.

To place it onto the cardboard, pinch the bottom of your cone flat and hot glue it onto the 4 inch line that you drew on the cardboard. Leave about a finger width space in between each cone.

Then when you get to the second row, place the cones in between the spaces creating a layering effect.

Do this all the way until you get into the middle of your flower.

Paper Christmas Wreath - Poinsettia Inspired Dahlia

The middle of your paper christmas wreath will work the same way, since the pieces are smaller it will create a dimensional effect. Once all of your cones are glued in, take a small paint brush and paint the gold glitter glue onto the yellow pieces. Since the poinsettia is filled with the small yellow cyathia, the gold glitter kind of gives it a different effect.


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