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Our Backyard Renovation – Deck Demolition Underway!


We are getting down and dirty this week at my house! We moved into this house back in 2008 and we were told it was a matter of time before having to replace the deck. Well that time has come.

Last week, we noticed some unsightly things around the deck that have made us feel really un easy. Not only was the deck a horrible eye sore, the deck was built to be supported by the house and it has been slowly detaching itself from our siding. Not good news.

My husband and one of our family members have come together to tear this baby down and build a new one.

This first shot is of our deck in demolition mode, the top has started to come down and the underneath was previously built with wood flooring.

Our Backyard Renovation – Deck Demolition Underway!

Our Backyard Renovation – Deck Demolition Underway!

We never did like our deck, it’s small and so awkward to enjoy it at all. The most we could fit on the deck was a BBQ grill and maybe a few chairs. We would love to purchase some patio furniture and be able to enjoy family outside.

Isn’t that what most people dream about when they have a deck?

Our Backyard Renovation – Deck Demolition Underway!

The people who lived here before us thought it would be a good idea to paint the deck to match the house. I supposed it would have looked okay if they would have kept it up. When we moved in, the deck pain was probably 85% peeled off, the wood was splintered, cracking and falling apart. We tried power washing, nothing was budging the paint so we left it as is.

Our Backyard Renovation – Deck Demolition Underway!

The stairs are old and rickety. You really had an uneasy feeling just standing on the deck, walking down the stairs we were holding on for dear life. I’m so ready to see this go.

Our Backyard Renovation – Deck Demolition Underway! 

The size of our new deck is going to be roughly 13X15, almost twice the size of our existing deck.

As of today, the entire wood flooring has been tore out and the holes have been dug for the posts. Today, we will be setting the posts and working on demolition!

Stay tuned for more progress.. it’s going to be exciting!


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