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Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo

When you bring a baby into this world you buy so many things and take so many precautions to give them the best start at life.

But what if you found out that one of the most innocent products that you have purchased could potentially be putting your baby at risk for cancer?

I’m a mother of two and both of my babies have used Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and Baby Lotion, these products have made a presence in our home for the last 4 years.

As a hair stylist I know these products are horrible for your hair, but how can you resist the sweet baby smell that your little one has after a bath with Johnson’s shampoo and lotion?

I gave my little girl a bath this evening and used Johnson’s Lavender Shampoo and lathered her down in Johnson’s Baby Lotion.. this is my favorite time of day. The smells are so comforting and breathe taking that you just smell your baby’s hair and smile.

After bath, I put her to bed and got online for a bit to check out some comments on my blog. One struck me hard and got me to thinking, enough thinking that I wanted to mention it to you all.

An article was shared with me from the CBSNews website about two chemicals that are present in the Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo that could be considered harmful to your baby.

The coalition of health and environmental group is urging consumers to boycott Johnson & Johnson’s baby products until the company removes two cancer causing chemicals, dioxane & quaternium-15, from their Baby Shampoo.

The chemical quaternium-15 is a preservative that kills bacteria by releasing formaldehyde, which is used as a disinfectant and embalming fluid, and was declared a known human carcinogen this past June by the U.S. National Toxicology Program.

The second chemical, dioxane, is considered a likely carcinogen. Dioxane is a byproduct of a process for making chemicals more gentler on the skin.

These two chemicals are found in Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Oatmeal Baby Wash, Moisture Care Baby Wash and Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash.

Sure enough, I went to check out the bottle of what I just used on my baby Andrea and did not see the Dioxane ingredient. Further down on the list I did find quaternium-15.

Since the report, Johnson and Johnson has released a new baby shampoo called Johnson’s Naturals which does not contain either of these ingredients. However, the original Baby Shampoo has not been reformulated to remove these ingredients.

If Johnson and Johnson’s can obviously make a formula of Baby Shampoo that does not contain either ingredient then why can’t they reformulate the original shampoo to help keep our babies safe?

So many friends and family of mine have been effected by cancer, this disturbs me that both of my babies have been put at risk by a company that we have all looked up to for advice on raising our children.

These ingredients are banned from so many countries, and many countries sell Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo without these ingredients.. Just because they are allowed here in the U.S. doesn’t mean they should be used.

– So saddened



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