Online Community Children’s Clothing & Toy Swap : Thredup–Your First Box is Free!


Do you hold onto your children’s toys and clothes just waiting for an opportunity to have a garage sale, or donate them?

I recently joined a new community called Thred UP which is an online kid’s clothing and toy swap. This program has been wonderful for me and I’m loving it so much I wanted to share it with you.

How it works. Thred Up is FREE to sign up for. You will search for the gender and size of clothing you are looking for, then a list of boxes will be presented to you along with descriptions and sometimes pictures of what is inside. When you find a box you would like simply pay $5 for the box + shipping..

It’s a whole lot cheaper than buying everything new and time saving from not having to shop garage sales.

Sign up for a FREE ThredUp account today and get your first box FREE!

Happy Shopping!


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