Tips for One Rep Max Recovery – PR Video Included!


Testing for a one rep max deadlift takes training preparation, mental preparation and involves an effective recovery plan. Saturday was the end of an 8 week training cycle, which also meant it was testing time for my deadlift 1 rep max. 

Last November, when I started lifting, the one thing that I really wanted to do was deadlift. There is something about all of that power from your legs and the ability to lift heavy stuff. It’s a sickness, but it makes me giddy.

Tips for One Rep Max Recovery - 300lb Deadlift

Cute face huh?

November ’16 was my first time deadlifting and I came in at 195lbs. Looking back at all of my notes, I was so mad that my starting number wasn’t 200lbs and made it a goal to get through 2017 with a 275 lb deadlift. 

I’m seriously on cloud nine!

9 Months ago I was deadlifting 195 lbs – 8 WEEKS ago I was deadlifting 255 lbs, as a 1RM. This is a 45 lb 8 week PR and a total progression of 105 lbs in 9 months!

Here is my Saturday progression video


In the video, my progression started at 225lbs. Easy peasy. My next lift was at 255lbs, which was my previous PR 8 weeks ago. The third lift was my goal for 2017, 275lbs! Then came 300lbs… you guys! I seriously lifted 300lbs off of the ground. PINCH ME

The last attempt was at 305lbs. Big fat fail… but it’s coming soon :)

Tips for One Rep Max Recovery - 300lb Deadlift

So now that the fun is done, the most important part comes with the recovery. Testing out your one rep max is not only taxing on your muscles, it’s a train wreck on your central nervous system.

Saturday afternoon, my body went back and forth with regulating temperature. It was 92 degrees outside and I was wearing a sweatshirt.

Then set in tiredness, sick like symptoms and my central nervous system was fried.

Tips for One Rep Max Recovery - 300lb Deadlift

We all want to get back into the gym, but you need to realize what kind of stress the body goes through during testing. Rest and active recovery is the best thing you can do for your body after a one rep max. Here are my tips for preparing and recovery from a one rep max.

  • Eat well Before. Now isn’t the time to cut weight! The night before my max out, dinner was pizza and breadsticks. Carbs give great energy! Specially the night before.
  • Eat well After. Putting your body through a one rep max is very taxing on the body. The day of my one rep max, I ate for recovery. What does that mean? I ate and ate and ate, made sure my body had tons of calories to help the healing process. I ate for recovery.
  • REST! Jumping back into the gym for heavy squats, right after maxing, is probably the worst thing you could do. Seriously, take some time off.
  • Active Recovery. Some people deload for an entire week and won’t step foot into the gym. For me, taking a few days off and then jumping back in with very light weights works best. Keeping the muscles moving, without added stress, is a great way to prevent DOMS and help you get back into the swing of things quicker.
  • Yoga. It’s relaxing and if you aren’t doing it, you really don’t know what you are missing. 
  • Don’t Skimp on the Protein. Protein is important to help aide the body during the healing process and right now, there is a LOT of healing to be done. Premier Protein ready to go shakes are at my reach with 30g of protein. The Premier Protein powder is great too! A little bit of chocolate powder mixed in with your oats is delicious and a tasty way to get your protein and carbs all in one shot.
  • Embrace the weight gain. I gained 6 pounds from this event and it’s the BEST 6 pounds I’ve ever gained in my life. There is a lot of inflammation and sodium retention. It will come off. And it was worth it!

Tips for One Rep Max Recovery - 300lb Deadlift

Today is Tuesday, 3 days post max out day. My recovery looked like this:

Sunday – Complete rest, eat and rest

Monday – Light squats, a little zumba to get moving and yoga for relaxation.

Tuesday – Upper body, bench and accessory work to keep moving.

Wednesday Rest 

Thursday and Friday will be active recovery days and then a jump into the new program.

Have you tested out a one rep max? Give me some of your tips and tell me about your latest PR in the comments below! 

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