Nut Free Easter Candy Options from Target


Shopping for nut free Easter candy used to be a difficult thing to do. These days there are so many options available and there will be no problem finding them as long as you shop early.

Target is one of my favorite places to shop for Easter candy, each year keeps getting better and better!

nut free easter candy from TargetOne of the hardest things to find is the traditional chocolate bunny. This year, Hershey’s has a Snapsy milk chocolate bunny that is not only nut free, it’s easy to eat too. Snapsy the Hershey chocolate bunny makes it easy to snap off pieces for control and moderation. Though I’m still not convinced that I could control myself around this little guy.

The new fad seems to be the pre made Easter Eggs! While it’s really just a convenience factor, these premade Easter candy eggs are perfect for Easter egg hunts or even as a filler for your child’s Easter basket. Be sure to check labels because not all of them are peanut free. Willy Wonka is pretty much a safe bet, the ones I found had nerds, sweet tarts and laffy taffy in them.

Jelly Beans can be hard to find as most are manufactured with nuts. A lot of companies are making their own jelly beans in candy flavors, such as these Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans. The ones I found are safe, but again please check labels.

Of course there are several places to shop online for nut free Easter candy, but if you prefer shopping the stores then my biggest tip is to shop early!

This is my stash picked up from Target yesterday and there were many candies left.

What are some of your favorite Easter candies that are nut free?