Child Afraid of the Dark? Nighttime Solutions That Work!


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Thump… Pit pat, pit pat, pit pat…

The sound of little feet hopping out of their bed and running through the house aimed straight at your room in the middle of the night. A sound most parents are all too familiar with.

This was a pretty regular occurrence in our house, making a good night’s rest pretty tough. Andrea is afraid of the dark, and often comes racing into our room, unable to sleep. This, of course, always seems to happen about 5 minutes after I’ve drifted off into a peaceful slumber. We tried just about everything we could think of.

Night-lights which cast shadows on the walls, served as a constant reminder to her of all the scary things her little imagination seems to conjure up at bed time. This led to a lack of sleep that left us all pretty restless at night, and cranky in the morning. Now that school is back in session I was desperately searching for a way to provide a good nights sleep for her, allowing her to focus on her learning during the day.

I reached out to my friends on Facebook and many of them recommended CloudB! 

Child Afraid of the Dark? Nighttime Solutions That Work!

By drawing on a wide range of research in pediatric sleep science, Cloud b has developed a “plush with a purpose” product that not only helps children fall asleep, but stay asleep throughout the entire night. Unlike other night lights, Cloud b plush animals combine light, shapes, colors, sounds, motions and even scents, in a way that cleverly soothes children and helps them transition from their energetic waking hours, to the soothing and relaxing night time slumber.

What’s even neater is that they work in a wide range of situations, whether your child is sleeping in the comforts of their own bed, or on the go. This will definitely be going with us during any holiday travels.

Since incorporating Cloud b into our nighttime routine, Andrea loves bedtime! She is able to cuddle up with her Cloud b, and drift to sleep feeling safe and secure… something we all benefit from!

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Whether you have an infant, toddler, or older child, Cloud b is a great way to help them sleep better throughout the night!

What’s your tip for making nighttime easier?