5 Must Have’s for a Girl’s Summer Wardrobe


Thank you to Freckles + Kitty for sponsoring this fun post about a Girl’s Summer Wardrobe Must Haves! All thoughts are my own.

I’m convinced that summer was made for girls.  Sure there are things everyone could appreciate… but for girls, the true meaning of summer is something so special. It doesn’t have anything to do with the weather, the activities, the fact that schools out… Nope, summer is all about the FASHION!

Dressing up in the winter is fun too, but there are so many fun accessories, bright color, and FUN when it comes to styling and profiling in the summer months!

5 Must Have’s for a Girl’s Summer Wardrobe - mommyoftwolittlemonkeys.com

Here are a few essential that girl’s MUST have in their summer wardrobe:

1.) Flip Flops – Whether they’re heading to the pool or to the mall, a pair of flip-flops are essential to a girls summer wardrobe! Unlike winter shoes, flip-flops are generally inexpensive, and can be worn with any outfit; shorts, dresses, jeans… you get the point. Grab pairs in multiple colors so they can just slip them on and head out the door!

2.) Dresses – These are one of my favorite parts of summer. Pair them with fancy accessories for more formal events, or throw one on over a swimsuit and head to the pool! Freckles + Kitty has adorable summer dresses! Their “mixed daisy blooming rose” dress is one of my daughter’s favorites! The unique daisy on the front is like an extra accessory thrown in for free! She also says it’s very comfortable to wear.

5 Must Haves for a Girls Summer Wardrobe

3.) Shades – Sunglasses are, of course, a summer essential for everyone. Pick a few in fun summer colors, and accessorize them with your summer outfits.

4.) Swimsuits – Every girl needs at least one swimsuit for the summer. If you will be swimming a lot, you may want to consider more! Be sure to grab a swim suit cover so you’re little girl isn’t stuck trying to hold a towel wrapped around herself while balancing her plate at the summer picnic!

5.) Pool Bag – When you’re ready to go, you’re ready to go! Don’t be stuck missing out on a summer adventure, because you’re digging around for a bag to throw your things in! A fun, colorful pool bag that is big enough to fit a towel, change of clothes,  and water bottle is an essential!

What’s your “can’t live without” summer wardrobe item?


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