Munchkin Naughty Mouth Soap | Rid Your Tot of Their Bad Language


Do you have a child with a potty mouth?

Munchkin’s new Naughty Mouth Soap is the non toxic way to clean your child’s mouth when their words are a little dirty.

“Munchkin has always been committed to finding the simplest solutions to make parenting easier, and we know ‘It’s the Little Things’ that make a big difference in parents’ lives,” said Steven B. Dunn, chairman and CEO ofMunchkin, Inc.

“Recognizing that parenting brings its fair share of challenges, we are thrilled to pay tribute to a good, old-fashioned parenting technique by offering a safe way to rid your tot of bad language. The valuable life lesson provided by our new foul-tasting Naughty Mouth Soap will be remembered for years to come.”


The Naughty Mouth Soap from Munchkin comes in five flavors :

  • Whining Wasabi
  • Lying Liver
  • Spoiled Child, Spoiled Milk
  • Vulgarity Vomit
  • Extra Strength Sour Pout Face

Naughty Mouth Soap is a tool to use in addition to your traditional parenting, during time outs, grocery store outbursts and more!

Another use of the Naughty Mouth Soup, use it when you are trying to break the habit of mimicking an older sibling’s profane language.

This could really come in handy with those sassy pre teens!


To learn more about Munchkin’s new cleaning products, please visit


*This is not a sponsored post. Just passing along news of a fun new product!


One thought on “Munchkin Naughty Mouth Soap | Rid Your Tot of Their Bad Language

  • August 10, 2013 at 4:24 pm
    I can't believe they made a product for this! I am against soap in the mouth, seriously, my mom did it when I was younger and it didn't change anything. To change a childs behavior you actually need to help them work on the REAL issue, there is an imbalance CAUSING the behavior, correct that and you correct the behavior. People apparently don't get it but just cause your child is hitting, kicking, screaming, pinching, biting, cursing, etc. doesn't mean they WANT to do it, rather they are expressing themselves in the only way they can for the moment. Food sensitivities, dyes, preservatives, chemicals, vaccines, medications, etc. ALL cause behavioral issues and that's on top of learned behavior or acting out due to feeling like they are being ignored, treated unfairly, etc. Kids are lil stinkers yes but they aren't bad/mean by nature, I wish people would stop assuming that they are. Reply

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