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I’m a worrier.  I worry way too much.  I worry about deadlines, traffic, meals, etc. Mostly, however, I worry about my children and the decisions we make while parenting them. 

Will this decision scar them for life?

Did I say the wrong thing?

Do they even understand what the heck I’m talking about?

Yup, parenting is a breeding ground for worries. When they were younger, I worried about their well being. Especially at night. Everyone says you should try and grab some sleep while your baby is sleeping, but I spent a majority of that time staring at them while they slept! I’d watch their chest to make sure they were breathing. If I couldn’t tell over the baby monitor, I’d rush in the room to put my hand to their chest… just to make sure.

Luckily, you don’t have to do this.

You will be much more relaxed and get more rest than I did?


Because you’ll add the Motorola Babysense Baby Movement and Video Monitor Combo to your baby registry. Not only will you be able to watch your child as they slumber through the clear and precise monitor, you’ll never have to spend your time analyzing breathing patterns and staring at their chest to catch a rise and fall.  The Babysense monitors your child’s breathing and sounds off an alert if it stops or become irregularly slow.

Baby Shower Gift Guide - Day 4 - Easing Worries with Motorola Baby Monitors

That’s not the only awesome feature of this monitor either!

The infrared display lets you see your baby clearly whether it’s the middle of the day or the middle of the night. Want to soothe your baby, without having to physically go to them? You’re in luck! This monitor has two-way communication so you can give your baby reassurance no matter where you are in the house!

Baby Shower Gift Guide - Day 4 - Easing Worries with Motorola Baby Monitors

We received the Motorola Babysense Baby Movement and Video Monitor Combo for our gift guide and donated it to a mom-to-be. This mother had a sibling pass away of SIDS and her fears are heightened from the experience. Thankfully, with this combo, she will have a little more ease and will know if there are problems with baby at night.

Available on Amazon – Current price of $199

Another great baby monitor option from Motorola!

Baby Shower Gift Guide - Day 4 - Easing Worries with Motorola Baby Monitors

The Motorola MBP36 is a 3.5 full color LCD that has many of the same great features of the Motorola Babysense Baby Movement and Video Monitor Combo. In addition, this monitor also has a room temperature display, and ranges up to 590 feet! That’s right, monitor your baby as you walk around the home!

Other great features include:

  • 2.4GHz FHSS Technology with Two-Way communication – Speak or sing to your baby through the baby monitor!
  • Color LCD Screen with Infrared Night Vision
  • Data Encryption for Security
  • 5 LED Alerts for Sound-Activated Lights
  • Room Temperature Monitor

There is the option for remote camera adjustment, allowing you to pan, tilt, and zoom the camera as needed. This awesome monitor even has 5 lullabies you can choose from to help baby calm if needed. No wonder Practical Parenting and Pregnancy Silver awarded this the Best Video Monitor in 2011-2012!

Available at Target – Current price of $239 + a $50 Target Gift Card

This are two products you DON’T want to forget on your registry!

Visit the Motorola website for more information and connect with them on Facebook!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a MEGA Baby Shower giveaway!

Disclosure – Product was received for purpose of this gift guide. All product is being donated to a mom to be. All thoughts are my own.


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