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Game nights with the girls are something that I look forward to. Living day to day with an “independent” toddler and a “know it all” 5 year old can become tiring, a girls game night is the perfect time to release some of those frustrations and have a little bit of fun without the kids.

I received a new game, called Mommy Tonic, to incorporate into our girls only game nights. There are no rules to Mommy Tonic, this is a bubbly conversation card game to get everyone talking about their fears, stresses, remedies, guilty pleasures and more.

I got the girls together to see how Mommy Tonic would fit into our game nights…

Girls Game Night Mommy Tonic Conversation Card Game

Mommy Tonic is a conversation starter game, what some might call an “Ice Breaker”. The game comes in a fun margarita salt tin and includes 65 fun cards, the topics of conversation are based on the version of game that you purchase, we played the Mommy Tonic game for “Every Mom”.

Some of the other editions include: Working Mom, New Mom and Empty Nester.

Girls Game Night Mommy Tonic Conversation Card Game

I have a new neighbor, she has a young child around the age of my children and has another baby on the way. Being a mommy of two myself, I knew that she could probably use a night to enjoy herself before the baby came.

Mommy Tonic sounded like the perfect game to get new and old friends together, and it was! We had a night lined up with other fun games and used Mommy Tonic as our opening game to get everyone acquainted and loosened up.

Girls Game Night Mommy Tonic Conversation Card Game

Some of the cards were really funny and some were perfect for getting a conversation started. There was one card that threw the conversation for a spin.

“Which Reality TV shows are your kids most likely to appear on when they are older?”

– What not to wear
– Amazing Race
– America’s most wanted
– Breaking Amish
– Something else?

Reality TV is a topic in it’s own, I could see my girl on America’s Next Top Model or my boy would be on Shark Tank…

What reality TV show could you see your kids appearing on in the future?

Girls Game Night Mommy Tonic Conversation Card Game

Some of the Mommy Tonic cards had me stumped and some, well I was too embarrassed to say. After a few glasses of wine, we were all giggling from the answers having a great time.

If you are getting the girls together for a game night or having a cocktail party, Mommy Tonic would be a perfect addition to your night. Don’t forget the wine!

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