Miracle Baby Brought Back To Life By His Mother’s Touch


When it comes time to deliver your sweet baby there are so many emotions that run through your mind. I remember ever so clearly with both of my births being scared out of my mind, is it going to hurt? Will our baby be okay? You hear so many horror stories and many of us watch so many stories on cable about the births of babies, you can’t but worry about everything.. through the pregnancy and delivery.

The ultimate goal.. to have a happy healthy baby.

This morning I came across a story of a mother who was pregnant with twins and went into labor at 27 weeks. What was supposed to be the happiest days of their family’s lives turned into a tragedy, and then a miracle happened..

The doctors pronounced their baby boy dead at delivery, the mother and father grieved together while holding baby James on her chest and after 2 hours he started breathing again.

This story brought tears to my eyes, you have to see this..


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