Mango Guacamole Recipe


LavaRockMolcajete.jpgSuper Bowl parties are as much about the food as the football game. Personally, the food is the best part! For the guys, it’s probably a toss up depending on who’s playing.

A good guacamole recipe is a staple to make for a Super Bowl party. This year, try mixing things up and check out this fresh take on a classic appetizer! The mango ingredient add a delicious sweetness.

To make your guacamole recipe, check out the Molcajete. If you aren’t familiar with the molcajete, this is a staple item in the Hispanic kitchen. This one by IMUSA is large enough to grind up a party-size bath of guacamole, then mix it and serve in the same bowl.

So break out the chips and let’s have a fiesta!






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