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I am a baby tester for Ourkidsmom and this past Wednesday a MAM Rock a Bye Baby Party was held at my house with some of my good mommy friends and their babies in attendance.

There were two very exciting moments for me during this party, one was seeing a long time friend whom I haven’t seen since high school and two, I was graced with the presence of a brand new two week old baby!


Isn’t she beautiful!!??

IMG_0264_thumb[5] IMG_0067_thumb[2]

We had a great time enjoying each others company, playing with our little ones and talking about babies.

To see all of the fun details from my MAM Rock a Bye Party, head on over to Ourkidsmom and check out my guest post!

Here is a little video that I put together for you from our MAM Rock a Bye Party… hope you enjoy it!




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