Making Your House Family Friendly


When it comes to designing and decorating your home, you want to choose pieces that look good AND are family-friendly. Whether you’re decorating your child’s room or sprucing up the living room, keep these things in mind to make your house more comfortable and suited for the whole family.

Use a chest for the kids’ toys
In a child’s lifetime, they accumulate a lot of toys, and these toys generally end up finding a permanent home somewhere on your floor. Storage solutions, such as a chest, are the perfect way to store away the kid’s toys without too much hassle. Teach your kids to go to the chest if they’re looking for a toy; at the same time, teach them to put their toys back in the chest when they’re done. Plus, no matter how cluttered and messy the inside of the chest looks, all you need to do is close the lid and nobody will ever know…

toy box

Fit your cabinets with doors
Whether you’re chasing around after the kids or they’re chasing around after each other, it’s inevitable that at some point one of you will accidentally bump into something. Doors on your cabinet won’t protect all your precious things from falling over when bumped, but they definitely help. Fitting doors onto your cabinets will also mean your children have less access to valuable things, like your favorite display or family heirlooms.

Spruce up your backyard
It doesn’t matter if you purchased a property listed as real estate, Armadale, or real estate, Ellenbrook, being outdoors in your backyard is great for your family. You can encourage your kids to be active, enjoy great weather, and get your daily dose of Vitamin D while spending time with your loved ones. To make your backyard more family-friendly, incorporate a swing set or trampoline for the kids to play on. Alternatively, get the hubby to help build a deck or playhouse for the kids – that way, everyone can get involved.

Keep it all clean
Clean and tidy houses look great, but that’s not the only reason you have to keep your house beautiful. Wiping down benches, sanitizing surfaces, and dusting down shelves regularly will mean that your house has a better environment for the entire family – dirt and grime can create a whole host of problems in your home, after all! Plus, by tidying regularly, you remove health hazards like the toy your kid left on the floor. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task either – tidy up as you go, or get the kids involved and help them develop healthy habits they’ll keep for life.

Natalia Talic is a mum who loves interior design. She currently is renovating her backyard – this includes building a tree house so the kids can play outdoors more.


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