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Next stop in our Home Makeover Series is our bedroom!

We had the opportunity to visit a Sleep Number store and review the M9 bed from their memory foam series, it couldn’t have come at a better time. I was excited to see if the M9 memory foam bed was going to resolve our sleeping problems.

Sleep Number

Sleep Number 

Sleep Number Store Experience

To start our experience, the manager at our local Sleep Number store assisted us with finding our Sleep Number. 

The Sleep Number of 100 is very similar to a regular mattress, you can see at this setting the red areas are showing significant pressure in my hips. No wonder I have so many back pains!

Rachelle started to move the number down and told me to say “stop” when I felt more comfortable in the bed. I stopped her at 25 and then turned to the graph, not only did I feel great, you could see the relief in pressure throughout my body.

We learned a lot during our appointment, about the Sleep Number beds, how each one was different, and the different options to help customize our sleep experience.

Sleep Number Truck

The Sleep Number Bed Installation:

A few weeks after our appointment, the Sleep Number truck arrived at our house. I was like a kid in the candy store! Could this get any better? FINALLY, I was going to have a good nights sleep!

Sleep Number Bed

The Sleep Number installers were efficient, knew what they were doing, and were very considerate of our home. Not really knowing how the Sleep Number beds were put together, I was amazed to see so many pieces.

The installers were so nice to take away our old box springs and mattress, then quickly got to work.

M9 Memory Foam Sleep Number Bed

Our M9 Memory Foam Sleep Number bed was installed in about 30-40 minutes and because most of the information about the M9 bed was given to us at the store, the demonstration only took about 5 minutes.

About the M9 Memory Foam Sleep Number Bed:

  • DualAir Technology – The heart of the Sleep Number mattress is composed of two adjustable air chambers, one on each side of the bed. This technology will allow you and your partner to select your own comfort level with the touch of a button
  • 13” Bed – There is a 5 inch layer of LuxFit foam that features a breathable design, this is the highest memory foam profile in the Sleep Number collection.
  • Wireless Digital Removes – The M9 Memory Foam bed comes with two wireless remotes. The remotes feature an up and down function to quickly select your Sleep Number, a Fill button to fill the bed back up to the highest setting and a memory feature.
  • Fits Standard Bedding – Even with a 31” profile, the M9 Memory Foam Sleep Number bed will fit most standard size bedding sheets
  • 20 Year Warranty – No more “8 year rule” when you own a Sleep Number bed! The M9 Memory Foam Sleep Number bed comes with a 20 year warranty making this bed a great buy for your money. Just think of how many mattresses you would go through in that time.

My Sleep Number Sleeping Experience:

There is an adjustment period for your body to get used to the Sleep Number bed. Thanks to the tips from Rachelle at our Sleep Number store, we started our first few nights out at a Sleep Number of 50.

We knew this would be too hard for us, but working your body into such a new experience is important to get the full enjoyment of a Sleep Number bed.

After sleeping at a Sleep Number of 50 for a few nights, I was honestly convinced that this bed was not what we expected. We we warned by many other Sleep Number users that this would happen. We gave our Sleep Number bed a full two weeks to get fully adjusted, and it took that much time.

M9 Memory Foam Sleep Number Bed

After the two weeks, I found myself sleeping the best at a Sleep Number of 40. Because of the 5” memory foam layer in the M9 bed, our Sleep Numbers didn’t need to be at the lower level as they were in the store. I was finally having the best sleep of my life!

Each Sleep Number bed series has different features, different comfort levels, because of these differences I can see why it is important to have the Sleep Number in store experience before selecting the right bed for you.

Things to Consider:

While the M9 Memory Foam Sleep Number bed has fit perfectly into our bedroom and our lives, there are a few things to consider.

  • During the in store experience we had the opportunity to try out the adjustable base. The adjustable base will allow you and your partner to raise the bed to have a more inclined sleeping experience. I will just say, during the short time we had with this feature in the store, the adjustable base is amazing. However, this added feature comes with an “add-on price”. Kind of a bummer in my opinion, but worth it if you can swing the extra cost.
  • If you have ever owned a foam mattress topper, or a memory foam bed, you will experience a distinct smell that comes with memory foam products. While it’s not a horrible smell, it is there and lasted about a week or so before it was gone.

Before this review, a Sleep Number bed was never an option because of the price tag. Yes, the Sleep Number bed may seem expensive but the long term experience just makes sense. With a 20 year warranty, you won’t feel the need to replace the mattress after a few years of use. The ability to customize my sleep and my husband’s sleep makes everyone happy.

Happy well rested parents = patience, better thinking skills, better attitudes = Happy Children

Don’t you agree?

You can learn more more about the M9 Memory Foam series at www.SleepNumber.com


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