Livionex Dental Gel – A Game Changer in Oral Care


Have you ever had a product that you just use year over year, simply because you aren’t aware that there are any other options out there? That’s how I feel about toothpaste. I mean, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you have to use toothpaste right? Particularly since the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has released data that shows that a silent epidemic is taking place in America, in regards to oral hygiene. 90% of American adults suffer from gum inflammation (gingivitis) and 47% of Americans have gum disease and are at risk for losing their teeth. These are conditions that are caused by plaque build-up. Not to mention that oral disease is often a precursor other issues like oral cancer, and has even been linked to heart disease, arthritis, breast cancer, and other systemic diseases.

After learning all of this, it became even more important to me to find the best solution to keeping my family’s smiles bright with an oral hygiene routine that works best at keeping our teeth nice and clean. That’s when I learned about Livonex Dental Gel. Livionex Dental Gel - A Game Changer in Oral Care What’s Livionex Dental Gel?

Livionex Dental Gel is a breakthrough, when it comes to treating high-risk plaque. In a study that was published in 2014, Livionex Dental Gel was found to clean teeth 2.5 times better than a leading toothpaste! Unlike traditional toothpaste, Livionex formulation doesn’t contain abrasives, detergents and antimicrobials. The ingredients are safe and effective. It uses an activated form of edhathmil, which is a food-grade preservative, that breaks the bond between your bacterial biofilm and your teeth. This keeps plaque from being able to stick to your teeth. Keep in mind that plaque control is currently and FDA cosmetic claim, and Livionex meets the FDA Cosmetic Act guidelines for the removal of plaque. Livionex Dental Gel comes in a tube, but you can also use LIVFREE Dental Gel which has the exact same formula, but comes in an airless pump. Livionex Dental Gel - A Game Changer in Oral Care How to Use Livionex Dental Gel and LIVFREE Dental Gel

Simply place Livionex Dental Gel or LIVFREE Dental Gel on your toothbrush, and brush away! No need to use water, and no foaming! Several parents have found that the fact that it doesn’t foam make it much more pleasant for children who don’t enjoy that part of brushing.

As parents we work hard to keep our families as happy and healthy as possible. Dental hygiene plays a major role in doing so. Head on over to the Livionex website to find out more on how Livionex Dental Gel and LIVFREE Dental Gel can keep your families smiles pretty and plaque free!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Livionex. The opinions and text are all mine.