Little Tikes Giddy Up and Go Pony Review in Action!


As a little girl, all I ever dreamed about was having a ride on pony. Though back in the day, I’m telling you my age here, the ponies that we had were the kind on springs, attached to a metal bar base. The action? Bounce up and down up and down.

When Little Tikes came out with the GiddyUp ‘N Go Pony, I knew my little girl was going to love this!

Meet Tulip, isn’t she the most precious pony for any little girl? Don’t worry.. the Little Tikes GiddyUp ‘N Go pony also comes in brown for your little guy!

Little Tikes GiddyUp ‘N Go Pony

Tulip is built head to toe with realistic pony like features. From the flowing pink hair, all the way down to the perfectly pink and polished hooves.

Little Tikes GiddyUp ‘N Go Pony

We received Tulip at Christmas time and the weather has been pretty nasty. So inside, Andrea has been practicing her balance skills by riding Tulip through our kitchen. The GiddyUp ‘N Go pony doesn’t ride well on carpet. Tile, wood or outdoor sidewalks work best for Tulip’s galloping feet.

Andrea is about 36 Lbs at 3 years old. With a weight limit of 59 Lbs, this Little Tikes GiddyUp ‘N Go pony will last her years and years.

I love that the height is perfectly situated for a toddler with a comfortable saddle that helps her keep balance during play.

Little Tikes GiddyUp ‘N Go Pony

Tulip works with the up and down motion of your child. Simply place your feet on the foot rest and when your child bounces up and down, Tulip works by moving her legs in a forward motion.

Check out this little video that I put together showing the Little Tikes GiddyUp ‘N Go Pony in action!

There was some assembly required and it wasn’t hard to do. Because of the wide range of weight limit, there is a tension screw in the front of Tulip. Loosen it up for the little kids and tighten it up for the bigger kids.

My only disappointment worth noting is the noise level of the GiddyUp ‘N Go Pony, there is an obvious squeak that comes from the joints when moving up and down. Though this isn’t a concern when we are outside, it can be kind of noisy when riding Tulip inside.

Andrea has been having a great time with her new pony and I’m happy to have tried it out. At $99 in the store, I’m not sure that we would have bought this. But after trying the Little Tikes GiddyUp ‘N Go pony first hand, I can see that this is a well loved toy that will last a long time.


We received a Little Tikes GiddyUp ‘N Go Pony for purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts are my own.


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