Little Free Library is Coming to Greenwood Missouri! #Alphabits


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As an educator to young children, and having children of my own, I have always had a passion for children’s books. There is nothing greater than listening to a child begin to read, and then continue to grow that love for reading.  So when Alpha-Bits’ teamed up with Little Free Library to spread the word about children’s literacy, I jumped at the chance to be on board.  

Little Free Library was started in 2009, and is a network of small, handcrafted free standing structures where adults and children are allowed to borrow, take and leave books for others. One of the greatest things about Little Free Library is that they are set up by people within a neighborhood and they help to build a sense of community.  It’s a place where adults and children alike can nurture their love for reading.  In addition, it is a place where children learn the valuable lesson of give and take without the exchange of money.  That is rare in our society today, and I think it gives us all a feeling and sense of belonging to the greater community.

The Little Free Library is Coming to Greenwood Missouri!

Another great thing about Little Free Library is that each one has a unique design.  I had the opportunity to put up an Alpha-Bits library which showcases the PBS Kids’ Super WHY! characters.  It truly is a great way to promote a library. With cereal letters that kids can make into words and with the Super Why! characters who’s show promotes pre-reading skills.  Hopefully this library will get the neighborhood kids talking, and better yet, reading all summer long!

The Little Free Library is Coming to Greenwood Missouri!

My hope for this library is that it will bring a community of people together, and start new conversations and friendships.  In this fast paced world we live in, it is so refreshing to be a part of something that helps us all learn to slow down, look through a set of books, and perhaps sit on a nearby bench and read for awhile.  To me, that is one of the greatest lessons that the Little Free Library gives us all.  

The Little Free Library is Coming to Greenwood Missouri!

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