Lenovo HORIZON 2s Is Your All-In-One Device Solution #IntelAIO


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Sacrifice is pretty much a given when it comes to picking out an electronic device. It seems it’s almost impossible to “have it all”.  Sure, you can have a super powerful computer… but it isn’t going to be easy to transport around, and more than likely it’ll be pretty heavy.


You can have an ultra thin tablet or netbook device. Then, you’d be able to transport it around with ease, not being burdened by a heavy device. BUT…. You’d likely be sacrificing your precious USB ports and the ability to slip in your memory card and view your photos whenever you please…


Lenovo HORIZON 2s Is Your All-In-One Device Solution

You have the Lenovo HORIZON 2s.

I received a Lenovo HORIZON 2s in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

This ultra powerful Two-In-One Tabletop PC literally has it all. Including Windows 8.1 64-bit Operating system, and 4th generation Intel Core processors! On top of that, it’s a great device for the whole family to share! The 19.5 All-In-One screen can easily be moved from room-to-room making it very simple to utilize it for a wide range of activities.

Lenovo HORIZON 2s Is Your All-In-One Device Solution

The integrated battery means that you don’t have to be confined to a power cord. You can watch a movie wherever you please in your home, or camp out in the middle of the living room playing games, without inconveniencing others with a cord running across the room!

Lenovo HORIZON 2s Is Your All-In-One Device Solution

The wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse make it easy to buckle down and get to work when it’s time to get down to business. The device actually comes with the Bluetooth receiver for these built in, so you don’t have to use one of the two handy USB slots to connect to the mouse and keyboard.

Lenovo HORIZON 2s Is Your All-In-One Device Solution

If you carry a heavy workload, you don’t have to worry about the dreaded data loss nightmare. The Lenovo Rescue System allows you to back up and restore data, or recover system files with ease… in the case that you ever need one.

If you (or Dad or a graduate) or looking for an all-in-one solution for your electronic device… this super affordable, super powerful computer is the one for you!

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