LEGO DUPLO Creative Cakes & Gas Station Review


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My children are at an age of wanting to play with LEGOs. My problem is that our five year old wants to play with little LEGOs and my 2 year old still wants to put them into her mouth. Not good.

When I was introduced to LEGO DUPLO blocks everything changed, they are basically LEGO blocks but twice the size and perfect for children who aren’t quite ready for the small building blocks.

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A few months back we took a trip down to our LEGO Land that had just been opened. I’ve heard a lot about it, but never actually went into a Lego Land before.

Inside, there was an area that was filled with cupcake type LEGOs! My youngest plopped her bottom into the cupcake pit and spent about an hour building her own pastry desserts.

I didn’t think a lot about these LEGO DUPLO blocks at the time, but as soon as they were spotted at our local toy store we knew these would be a blast at home.

toy lego creative cakes

We purchased the LEGO DUPLO Creative Cakes block set and it came with several blocks, cupcake tops, candles, and “icing”. Also included, was a creative cakes mini booklet and it showed several different pictures of cupcakes, cakes, and desserts. This was an awesome way to learn how to use the blocks and spawn some creativity to build our own tasty treats!

toy lego creative cakes

The LEGO DUPLO Creative Cakes block set would be a perfect gift for any little girl. I love toys that encourage creativity and will grow with your child. Sure, these are suggested for ages 2-5, but they are fun for everyone. Daddy and I love to sit down and create cakes with Andrea, and so does our family friend who is 8 years old! It’s a great bonding time for me and her to build cakes and pretend to serve the other person.

TheLEGO DUPLO Creative Cakes comes in a reusable cardboard box with a pink lid to store your LEGOs. The box is a perfect storage container and the pink lid can be repurposed as a serving tray for your treats.

Who doesn’t love repurposing?

toy gas station

We let our five year old pick out some LEGO DUPLO of his own too. He has an obsession for garages, car washes, gas stations, and mix this all together with LEGOs and you have a toy land dream.

He chose the LEGO DUPLO Gas Station set which comes with the gas station pumps, gas station attendants, a Lego motorcycle, and the gas station convenience store.

toy gas station

This first thing that I love about LEGO DUPLOs as a mom, is the minimal number of parts. My kids can build great things, like this gas station, and there were under 20 pieces to keep track of!

Same with the LEGO DUPLO Creative Cakes. There aren’t a ton of pieces to keep track of but there are enough to build some great projects.

toy gas station 

LEGO DUPLO offers so many products that are great for your children ages 2 through 5. In addition to these two great products that we purchased, there are also LEGO DUPLO Read & Build Play Sets. Read & Build Play Sets gives you a new way to experience play, it combines both building bricks and a story book.


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