Kronos 1 in One Hundred Million – Celebrating Workers That We Rely On


Work is pretty much a standard part of life. For most of us, work is necessary in order to survive. Most people wake up every morning and go to work, experiencing moments that may be shared with co-workers; or with no one at all. So often, the day to day routine becomes mundane, and at the end of the day the events of that work day are folded up right along with the uniform… only to be smoothed out and put back on the next day.

What if, however, there was a way to jump into the minds of any one of the 1 in one hundred million workers, and experience what they experience? See what they see? Take a peek into their job, from their very own perspective.

Kronos 1 in One Hundred Million - Celebrating Workers That We Rely On

What is

Thanks to, now you can. This is a site dedicated to sharing the personal stories of the many important people who do the daily work we all rely on. This site finally provides a place where these often overlooked individuals and can be celebrated, and their stories shared with the world.

This website was created by Kronos, the leader in workforce management solutions. If any one understands the schedules, logistics, analytics, and gritty details of the workforce today, it’s Kronos. They help tens of thousands of customers worldwide manage all of these, and much more. Learn more about Kronos at

Kronos 1 in One Hundred Million - Celebrating Workers That We Rely On

How Works

Each month, an episode that features a worker is released on Occupations of these workers range from firefighters and trauma nurses, to hotel front desk agents, restaurant serves, teachers and more. It truly offers an equal opportunity to look into the lives of so many different people, who manage to so greatly impact the lives of all of us.

Episode 21, for instance, features Kyle Lamson – Director of New Product Innovation at Xenith. By watching Lamson’s story, you’ll learn about how his own sports related injuries in high school led him to Xenith in 2012. Here, he’s played a vital role in the development of Xeniths #1 rated helmet technologies, effectively preventing others from suffering from the same injuries he dealt with. Lamson’s day, like many of the workers in the series, can differ from day to day. Through this series, you’ll have a chance to have a first-hand look into the daily routines of these incredible people, in a way you ordinarily wouldn’t have been able to.

Kronos 1 in One Hundred Million - Celebrating Workers That We Rely On

Want to learn more about Lamson, and the other workers featured in the “1 in one hundred million” Web Series? Head over to the website and click a story that resonates with you.

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