Kidnapping of Lisa Irwin | Kansas City | Please Help Bring Her Home

Lisa Irwin imgres Lisa Irwin _1

Monday morning I woke up to the news reporting an amber alert for a missing baby, Lisa Irwin.

A missing 10 month old baby from Kansas City, Missouri, 26-30 Lbs, 30 inches long, blonde hair and blue eyes, she was last seen in her crib 10/3/2011  Sunday night dressed in a purple pants and purple shirt with white kittens on it. Lisa has two bottom teeth and a birth mark on her right thigh.

This story hits where I live and I’m posting this in hopes that someone may know something about baby Lisa and bring her home. We are now onto day 4 and this precious baby is still missing Sad smile

If you have ANY information about this missing child please call the Kansas City Police TIPS hotline at 1.816.474.TIPS or call 911.

For those looking for updates, here is the latest from Friday 10/7


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