Keep Your Food Fresh & Cool With PackIt Lunch Bags!


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I’m a mom on the go and with two kids that usually entails me bringing along drinks and snacks in the car.

My method always included a lunch box with a big freezer pack that took up half of the lunch box, even when I was nursing I had to bring a lunch box around with a freezer pack. Freezer packs are annoying, big, cumbersome and not easy to store.

PackIt lunch boxes are bags that you can throw into the freezer overnight, come morning you can stuff it full of your refrigerated foods and keep them cool up to 10 hours. No more freezer packs! Just freeze the bag in your freezer and then use it as a regular lunch bag or cooler, when you are done with the PackIt bag it can be folded up for easy storage. Just think about the possibilities of foods that you could now take with you to work, in the car for travel or while you are out and about.

The PackIt bags would be PERFECT for nursing moms, for people on the go with no access to refrigerators, how about baseball games or even sporting events for your kids. I would love the PackIt to pack my kids yogurt in when we go to Grandmas on the weekend (my kids are yogurt addicts) and with Christmas coming up this would be a great gift for a few nursing moms that I know! (I hope they aren’t reading this!)

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What would you use a PackIt bag for in your life?

If you know someone who might like a PackIt bag for Christmas they are offering a special right now of buy one get one free! I would love to try one of these bags, wouldn’t you?


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