5 Exciting Documentaries to Keep Away Summer Brain Drain


This post is part of my ambassadorship with the Netflix Stream Team. All thoughts are my own.

Have you been seeing all of the back to school talk going on lately? I’m not ready for summer to come to an end! We’ve been enjoying our time together, regardless of a few setbacks when I was injured. The fact that I lost time this summer getting to do all of the activities I had planned has motivated me even mores’ to stretch this summer to the max! I just want to have all the fun that we can before school begins. What I don’t want than fun to do, however, is leave them with summer brain next month and start the year out playing catch-up.

We’ve found an awesome way to still enjoy ourselves without having to worry about that, luckily. Thanks to Netflix, my kids have learned a TON this summer, all in the name of fun. We’ve been watching documentaries! I know, documentaries…. Sounds boring, right? Wrong! There are a ton of kid-friendly and fun documentaries.

5 Incredible Netflix Documentaries to Keep Away Summer Brain Drain

Here are a few of our favorites:

Animal Odd Couples – This PBS show features odd animal pairings. A chimp bottle-feeding a baby tiger, a cow mothering a meek, and much more. My kids find this absolutely hilarious, and I think it’s rather cute myself.

Walking with Monsters (Life Before Dinos) – An interesting show about 500 million years ago when fish, reptiles, and sea scorpions roamed earth. This show is a great history lesson.

How It’s Made – My whole family loves shows like this. It so interesting, and you learn a lot at the same time. There are tons of items featured in this series.

Inside Lego – Can’t just pick up and go to the Lego store this summer? It’s alright. You can give your kids a tour of Lego’s Denmark headquarters without even leaving home. It’s fun to pull out the Legos and let the kids play with them during the show.

Turtle: The Incredible Journey – No list of educational enhancers would be complete without some knowledge about the sea. Who better to teach it than Seaworld? This show follows a loggerhead turtle on their swim from teach in Florid, all the way across the Atlantic Ocean! My kids were captivated.

These are just a few of the kid-friendly documentaries featured on Netflix. There were also a ton that I found interesting that were a bit advanced for the kids. Like “Inside Chipotle” and “Unsealed Conspiracy Files”.  Whatever it is that interest you, you’ll be surprised at your Netflix options!

If you could see a documentary about anything, what would you see?



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