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Stand On Tandem Stroller

When you think about double strollers, what comes to mind?

When I shopped for a double stroller the characteristics that stand out the most are “big” and “heavy”.

Weighing in at only 21 Lbs., the Joovy Orangie Caboose Ultralight Stand-On Tandem stroller is the lightest double stroller on the market.

Child in Stroller

My first double stroller was a tandem stroller, front to back, and while it had everything I needed such as place to put a baby carrier, parent organizer, big storage etc.. my biggest complaint was how heavy the stroller was and how much room it took up in the trunk of our car.

Then I switched to a side by side stroller as my littlest got older. They were both fighting over the front seat and I was desperate for something lighter and functional. While I was happy with the side by side stroller, it wasn’t practical for us. Some of the popular children’s clothing stores are not equipped to handle double strollers, especially a side by side stroller. We were experiencing this problem a lot and knew it was time for a new solution.

I have found that many parents with multiple kids, have multiple strollers. One for every occasion. This is kind of ridiculous and I knew there had to be a solution out there that would meet the needs of parents with multiples and practical enough for every outing situation.

Then I found Joovy..

The Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller is not only the lightest double stroller on the market, it is easy to maneuver, offers practical solutions and is a double stroller that will suit the needs of a parent with an older child and younger child.

Infant Carrier

My little one has grown out of the baby carrier phase, however I was very pleased to see this stroller came with an attachment that will hold every baby carrier on the market.

snack tray

When your little one is grown out of the baby carrier, snap on the snack time activity tray. I LOVE this feature and find this very practical. There are deep cubby holes in the tray for your little one’s cups and the tray is perfectly sized for snack time and playtime with their toys.

parent organizer

I was excited to see a parent organizer included with this stroller. The organizer is made out of a washable neoprene material and is detachable, sliding on and off as needed. On the front side you can fit two water bottles and on the backside there is a zippered pocket to store things like your keys, phone, iPod etc.

stroller in trunk

The Joovy Orangie Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem stroller features:

  • Reclining Front Seat – 3 Positions
  • Large Storage Basket with Side Pockets
  • 4 Wheel Suspension Making the Ride Ultra Smooth
  • Front & Rear Seating : Accommodating children from 3 months old to 45 Lbs.
  • Oversized Canopy Designed to Provide Sun Protection for Both Children
  • Parent Organizer that is Removable and Washable

My Overall Thoughts:

My son is 4 years old, loves to walk but often wants to ride in the stroller. The Joovy Caboose Ultralight stroller has given my son the independence to easily sit down, stand up or walk aside the stroller as he would like.

The footprint of this stroller is the main feature that made me fall in love. The size and weight of the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem Stroller is very comparable to a single sized travel system stroller. I can take this stroller into stores, turn through narrow aisles, hold both children very comfortably and it includes every feature that I need from a practical stand point.

Thanks to the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem Stroller I have downgraded from 3 different types of strollers, to this stroller and a simple single sized umbrella stroller.


Buy It

The Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem stroller is available for purchase from Joovy for $269.99

Available Colors: Blueberry, Orangie, Greenie, Brownie & Black.


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