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Are you looking for a fun new app to play with your kids?

We’ve been checking out some new games to play during the cold snow days, in the doctor’s offices and during long car rides. Our latest download was Jade Monkey and we have been having a blast!

Jade Monkey is a fun twist on the classic jewel swapping games and will take you on the hunt for colorful gems and shiny gold coins.

Jade Monkey IOS App Review

The theme of Jade Monkey is very pleasing to the eye, bright HD retina display graphics, special sound effect and the rainforest design will keep you pulled into this fun game of colorful jewels.

Jade Monkey IOS App Review

Jade Monkey can be played as a single player or multiple player, you can also choose to play the game in arcade mode or zen mode. With the arcade mode, there is a timer that you must race to get as many jewel matches as possible. In the Zen mode, you will have continuous play without having to race against the clock to win the game.

Jade Monkey IOS App Review

The game works by swapping jewels vertically or horizontal to form groups of three of more colored gems. If you form multiple matches in a row, the gods will be appeased and power ups will begin to unlock.

Should you decide that a little help is needed to master the Jade Monkey game, there is a store for you to purchase more power ups and helpful tools that will move the game to a whole new level.

Jade Monkey IOS App Review

I’ve been playing Jade Monkey for a few days now and really find it to be a lot of fun. There are exciting pieces to the game that brings it above the other jewel swapping games that you might have played.

My 6 year old has tried to play it and is still learning, he found it a little difficult at first but with a little practice he is starting to get it down. Jade Monkey seems to be a great game to help little minds work a little harder and grow.

Find Jade Monkey on the app store and be sure to check them out on their website, facebook page, and their YouTube video.

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