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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CVS/pharmacy MinuteClinic. I received promotional items as a thank you for participating.

I’m all too familiar with the CVS MinuteClinic. Hoping that my only visit this year would be a visit to receive my flu shot, I found myself sitting in a CVS MinuteClinic just yesterday.

Our family has been passing around viruses, colds and when they finally reach me I seem to get it the worst. With signs of Bronchitis lingering around for the last week, I decided to stop and see a doctor.

With not a lot of time on my hands, I knew that CVS MinuteClinic would be the quickest option. So I stopped in, signed in at their kiosk and was first in line. My wait was less than 5 minutes and I was brought in to see the nurse practitioner. 

10 minutes later, she had me evaluated, collected my copay, sent me to the pharmacy counter for a prescription and I was out there in less than 20 minutes with my medication in hand. I love how easy it is to get in and get out, perfect for a busy mom’s life!

CVS MinuteClinic - Get in and get out! Perfect for every busy mom

What I didn’t know, and what I was excited to hear about, were the new health and wellness programs that the CVS MinuteClinic started offering this year.

The year of 2014 is the year that I’m doing better things for myself, including losing weight. I got my labs back from the doctor and while they weren’t horrible, they could quickly get that way if no action is taken.

One way to reach your health and wellness goals in 2014 is with the CVS MinuteClinic weight loss and smoking cessation programs.

MinuteClinic Weight Loss Program

Find more information at:

MinuteClinic helps make weight loss possible — even if you’re busy

  • It’s a personalized program, providing ongoing coaching and medical supervision. It’s based on the popular DASH diet, DASH for Health, ranked #1 Overall Diet by U.S. News & World Report for three years in a row.
  • The program is easy to follow, focuses on healthy eating and is clinically proven to promote weight loss. It also has the added benefit of lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • With your initial assessment, you’ll receive membership to DASH for HealthTM, a great online resource to help you stay on course in- between visits to MinuteClinic.
  • The Weight Loss Program is covered by most insurance plans. MinuteClinic recommends that you contact your insurance company prior to visiting MinuteClinic to verify coverage as well as any copays, co-insurance or deductibles.

The MinuteClinic is a walk-in clinic located in select CVS/pharmacy stores in 28 states and DC. They are open 7 days a week with evening hours and you don’t need to make an appointment.

Connect with CVS MinuteClinic on Twitter for lots of great health and wellness tips!


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