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This has been a stressful year for my family and I’m starting to take notice of fine lines that are appearing around my eyes. Is it stress related? Or perhaps this is just something I noticed after turning another year older.

I’m learning more and more about skin care and have been looking at ways to help improve my skin appearance for as long as I can.

On-In Beauty System is a new skin care line that will help bring back the natural, youthful glow of your skin. It works as a topical cream in addition to a dietary supplement. Together they work to improve your skin’s elasticity, hydration and UV protection.


On-In Beauty helps improve your skin from the inside and the outside. It seems like it would be common sense to treat your skin from the inside and outside, but why didn’t I think of that?

Being new at eye care, skin care, I had only thought about using a topical cream.

Have you used a system like On-In Beauty before?


On-In Beauty is developed with the use of Lutein, which is found in marigolds.

Lutein acts as an antioxidant that protects and maintains healthy skin cells. Because our body does not product enough Lutein that we need, the best way to it’s healthy skin benefits is by eating leafy green vegetables or using a nutritional supplement, such as On-In Beauty.

Study participants taking 10 mg of an oral supplement containing Lutein daily for 12 weeks showed measurable increases in skin hydration and skin elasticity, and a decrease in skin lipid peroxidation.  Lipids are oily components within the skin critical to healthy skin appearance. Furthermore, they provide a barrier function that slows the loss of moisture in the skin. Lutein used in a topical preparation applied to the skin also showed significant improvements in these categories, and when combined with oral lutein supplements, generated even greater results than oral or topical lutein separately.

Clinical Study Published Report


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